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ChromBA Inc. is a sample preparation and chromatography products company located in picturesque Central Pennsylvania, a homeland of The Pennsylvania State University and the chromatographic companies including Supelco, Restek, Alltech, and Keystone Scientific. ChromBA’s research and development is partnered with Penn State. This collaboration allows ChromBA to utilize the vast resources and talent of the university to develop advanced technologies.

Our proudest achievement has been the development of a multicapillary technology engineered for sample preparation and LC. The multicapillary products allow users to extract and purify peptides, proteins, DNA, and other biological samples in one
step: either manually, using a pipette, or using a liquid handling robotic device. This is an important advancement, as current sample prep technologies are labor intense and time consuming and require processes and equipment that are not automation friendly.

This breakthrough sample prep technology was developed with the support of the Ben Franklin Technology Partners and the Life Sciences Greenhouse of Pennsylvania. In 2004 it was nominated for the Best New Product Award at the annual PittCon convention and was featured in American Laboratory Magazine (January and March 2005).

ChromBA welcomes custom orders and will work with you to fulfill your requirements for sample preparation and chromatography applications. We have a history of supplying OEM products to two major chromatography companies.

Tel. 814-571-3148, Fax 814-466-6977, Email: chromba@aol.com, www.ChrombaUSA.com